We continue to strive for clinical excellence with our vision to become state of art healthcare centre for rheumatic diseases.

Welcome to Centre for Arthritis & Autoimmune Rheumatic Disorders. A state of art comprehensive centre for those who are living with arthritis or rheumatic diseases.

Rheumatology is now at the forefront of modern medicine; improving quality of life of patients suffering from arthritis and other auto-immune rheumatic conditions. People with arthritis and other rheumatic diseases are now doing better thanks to the development of several new drugs and to the changes in the approach to the treatment of these conditions. Diagnosing these conditions early is very important as early treatment is much more effective.

This centre is situated right in the heart of pinkcity Jaipur to provide facilities in investigations and therapy of arthritis and autoimmune rheumatic diseases to a larger section of population.

Our Vision (AIM)

We continue to strive for clinical excellence with our vision to become state of art healthcare centre for rheumatic diseases. We are moving ahead with strengthening the patient care by more efficient & effective health care delivery and by practising evidence based medicine. We reaffirm our commitment to improve the health standards of community.As ever, I am an uninhibited optimist & believe, we will make people reduce suffering from Arthritis/Autoimmune diseases and enjoy life bursting with pleasure & happiness.

Centre for Arthritis and Rheumatic Diseases

  • The centre practices evidence based rheumatology with highest professional standards; collaborates internationally and aims for individualized patient care.
  • Treatment available for all kinds of arthritis e.g. Rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus (SLE), Ankylosing arthritis, Psoriatic arthritis, Vasculitis, Gout, Osteoporosis etc.
  • Specialized therapy for complex auto- immune diseases.
  • Special focus on rheumatic diseases in pregnant women & Lupus(SLE) pregnancies.

Our Motto

  • Treat to target
  • Evidence based management
  • Personalized treatment plan

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  1. Wonderful! I met Dr. Bharat Singh via a FB RA Group Page. He gave me more eat listening time than my own doctors here in America. My doctors have been slack and not agressive enough. With encouragement from Dr. Singh, I added on a chiro doctor to my list. With the combination of all doctors, my pain is being managed. Still very discouraged with my RA doctor but I can always turn to Dr Singh for well informed suggestions in how to seek out the right doctor for me here in the US. I wish dr Singh was in America doing his work!

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